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The 3ph method exists to help realine the whole person, emphasizing the mind, body, and soul connection. 

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The 3ph method exists to help realign the whole person, emphasizing the mind, body, and soul connection.

3ph offers new wellness tools such as Ketamine Infusion, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Behavioral Health Medication Management, Nutritional Counseling, Vitamin Shot/Infusion, Medical Nutritional Therapy, Yoga & Pilates Style Fitness, Meditation, and Inspirational Talks.


This holistic approach allows clients to create new connections within their bodies, adopt a positive mindset, and reach a deeper healing state.

Meet Our Providers

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Jenniffer Janowiecki,

"Although mental wellness can be an extremely personal journey, that doesn't mean you have to be alone.  Our evidence-based and therapeutic approach provides that light at the end of the tunnel you have been searching for."

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Mina Liu,


"Healing is more than just recovering. Healing is the journey of restoring a persons physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being."


About 3ph

At 3 Points Healing (3ph), we focus on providing a holistic health approach to Mental Health & Wellness. Rather than focusing on specific parts of the body or certain types of illness, our method considers the whole person concept and emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and soul. We believe in nothing more than being human and all that entails. We understand that there will be good days and bad days, but our mission is to minimize the negative and assist you in flourishing with the positive. Our team of experts understands the numerous facets of comprehensive wellness, working with you, not “AT” you, to formulate a unique plan catered to your individuality--what a novel concept, right?

The role of any provider should be that of a guide or coach, rather than a stance of authority, and to forge bonds of trust and communication throughout your treatment journey. For some, therapy or lifestyle modifications are enough; for others, medication is beneficial; whatever your story, we are here for you when you are ready. If this is your first attempt to explore options or you are a seasoned veteran who has “tried everything,” don’t lose hope, reach out and see how 3 points are committed to being the change!

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