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Massage Therapy

TOUCH the body, HEAL the mind, CALM the spirit

Massage is one of the oldest healing practices in the world and it is the most transformational remedial art. While massage is most known for aiding in recovery for a broad range of physical problems, it has been proven to offer a number of benefits for mental health conditions. 

Relax your mind and body with one of our amazing massages. Our professional massage therapist will provide you with a tranquil experience that will leave you feeling at ease and rejuvenated. 

30 Minute Massage

Rejuvenation in 30 minute massage works on targeted to certain areas of pain or discomfort

$55 - $75

90 Minute Massage

A 90 minute massage that soothes every inch of tension will enhance your "happy chemistry" and relieve stress.


60 Minute Massage

Boost your range of motion, circulation, and energy with a 60 minute massage that works on the whole body.

$110 - $145

120 Minute Massage

The splendor of a 120 minute massage will lower your heart rate, relax tension, promote good sleep, energy, and easily leave you feeling well rested.


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