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Medication Management

Medication Management

Does something seem off, or maybe you feel you are no longer an active participant in your current treatment plan? Make an appointment with the 3 points team and take back control over your life. While upholding the ideals of “patient-centered care,” our providers work with each client individually while navigating the murky waters of psychopharmacology. 

Have you ever wondered why a medicine may first seem like the perfect one and then develop a side effect, or the “warm fuzzy feeling” has disappeared? What about standing in front of your prescriptions and wondering when you went from one bottle to ten, or even not knowing which medicine is doing what? Our goal is to design a simple yet effective regimen that provides long-lasting results. 

When appropriately and responsibly used, medication is one possible component of an all-encompassing treatment plan, but please note that not all conditions meet the criteria for medication, and prescriptions will be written in accordance with federal and state guidelines.

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