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Ketamine Treatment 

An Innovative Holistic Approach to Mental Health Management 

Ketamine was once used mainly as an anesthetic agent in operating rooms, but now is gaining ground as a promising new approach for mental health conditions. It can rapidly reduce suicidality and relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Ketamine is believed to block the NMDA receptors and activate AMPA receptors in the brain, which leads to synaptogenesis – the release of molecules that help neurons to communicate with each other. The process affects mood, thought patterns, and cognition.  Ketamine also reduces signals involved in inflammation which has been linked to mood disorders. 


People usually respond to ketamine treatment within one to three infusions. If a person has no response at all, further infusions are unlikely to help, therefore, other treatments are encouraged. People who experience relief from depression after ketamine therapy are likely to extend these positive effects if the treatment is repeated several more times. The additional sessions can help prolong the effects of ketamine.


Typically used to treat,

Major Depression 
Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety Disorder

Because there are no credential requirements for who can offer ketamine treatment, there is a wide range of mental health and medical professionals who are able to facilitate the process. However, only clinically trained licensed mental health professionals can fulfill the “therapy” part of the process.

Due to the anesthetic effects, patients will experience some dissociation; while most patients find it pleasurable and non-threatening, it may make individuals feel uncomfortable in some cases. At 3ph, after the infusion clients will be guided by mental health professionals to complete the grounding course, and engage in a psychotherapeutic counseling session, to maximize the healing potential. 

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